Installing charge terminals in residential and commercial buildings

France / 2019

CLIENT: Renault

3 main challenges / mission / action:

  • Technical support and consulting in planning and installation of EV charge infrastructure on Renault sites
  • Installation and maintenance of EV charging infrastructure/PV/storage demo
  • Project management of charger terminal installation
  • Multi-site coordination (1000+ charge points)

Les moyens mis à disposition par Solstyce:

  • 2 ingénieurs expert

Challenges / mission / action:

  • Prospective studies and analysis of user numbers for existing charge stations
  • Creation of EV charging infrastructure roll-out plan
  • E-mobility Market and regulatory monitoring
  • Assistance signing works and service contracts
  • Planning and coordination of construction phase until final delivery (AVP – PRO – DCE – ACT – VISA – OPC – DET – AOR)
  • Full coordination of operations contract (tracking indicators, creating improvement plan, chairing steering committees)