SOLSTYCE your partner of energy transition projects is taking a new turn! Strong of 10 years of experience in solar projects, carbon performance consulting and innovative projects in electrical mobility, Solstyce accelerates its development on each of its areas of expertise. To celebrate its ten years, Solstyce will surprise you and take you always further on the road to ambitious energy projects!

On the 4rth of May 2020, SOLSTYCE announces the creation of to its subsidiary PINK STRATEGY ( dedicated to consulting and support to industrials and large stakeholders in the assessment and optimisation of the Performance of INdustry and (K)Carbon reduction.

Dare PINK, Go Green!

« In an environment where everything is in question, PINK STRATEGY’s mission is to help shape the business of tomorrow by helping its customers meet environmental challenges while responding to the opportunities for technical and business innovations they create.», declared France JONATHAN, Executive Director of the new subsidiary.

PINK STRATEGY builds upon the Carbon experience developed by Solstyce over 10 years of activity with industrial companies worldwide, in particular over the full supply chain for Solar manufacturers. PINK STRATEGY leads its clients in the implementation of long-term optimization strategies and improves Performance on both INdustry and (K)Carbon stakes, recognized by Europeans and French labels and certificates (ECS, PEP, EPD, Building and Infrastructure certifications…), authorities as well as clients, shareholders and generally all stakeholders.

The creation of PINK STRATEGY aims to:

  • Keep advising and supporting Solar industrials in the reduction of their environmental impact, by activating all the possible levers at their disposal: Sourcing and supply chain optimization, Life Cycle analysis, Bankability studies, Co-design, Optimization of measurement, Lean manufacturing, Optimization of industrial investments, Eco-design, Asset management, Long term action plan….
  • Continue expanding activity scope to real estate companies, and other large investors and enlarging its technical expertise to the full spectrum of renewable energy and environmental transition.

With a passionate, considerate and challenging team of consultants, PINK STRATEGY will take you on a new path to excellence.


Strong of 10 years’ experience, SOLSTYCE provides clients with a complete support on engineering, construction and operations of Solar power plants. SOLSTYCE contributes to the integration of solar energy in cities of the future and is recognized as a reference in innovative energy projects including energy storage, electrical vehicles charging and carbon impact optimization.

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100% subsidiary of SOLSTYCE, PINK STRATEGY, created in 2020, relies on 10 years’ experience in Carbon performance Consulting developed by Solstyce. The same core team and new ambitions: PINK STRATEGY advises and supports industrials and large stakeholders in the assessment and optimisation of their Performance on both INdustry and (K)Carbon stakes.

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