Analysis of business model for EV charging service

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Sud Regions (France) / 2018

CLIENT: Drôme Public Energy Service (SDED)

3 main challenges / mission / action:

  • Analysis of user numbers and future changes to charging network
  • Analysis of legal steps
  • Consulting on how to optimise charging business model

Resources harnessed by Solstyce:

  • 2 expert engineers

Challenges / mission / action:

  • Analysis of EV growth potential by town in five departments by 2023
  • Impact analysis on electricity consumption and production system
  • Creation of predictive model for growing usage of charging network
  • Income and operating cost estimates
  • Identifying ways to optimise service business model: price policy, additional services, etc.
eborn, Image credits : AVERE France

eborn, Image credits : AVERE France